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“The aim of education is not to make a living but to make a life!”

In today’s competitive world it is important to have a understanding of the skills required to be successful, skills that go beyond the usual: Curriculum or textbooks.

This is where ‘Be ahead’ steps in and offers its services. To give you an edge and set you apart from the ordinary, we have created a holistic life education program for students .

We focus on shaping and reinforcing key behavioral, attitude and aptitude skills in the child’s Formative years that would shape his or her ability to respond effectively to complex environmental stimuli in the years to come.

Life Skill Programs for Students

Several years of appreciation across a diverse school community has helped Be ahead come up with different program spread across the annual academic calendar. This has been designed so as to:

Several modules address the calls of children across different grades and are keeping in mind the current level of social-academic maturity. Curriculum comprises a flexible 1-day session per batch of about 20 – 30 students with customized courseware covering the following topics

1. Life skills

  1. - Concept of self esteem
  2. - Limiting beliefs and Dysfunctional Scripts
  3. - Personal and interpersonal Effectiveness
  4. - Conflict resolution
  5. - Stress management
  6. - Time Management
  7. - Failure management
  8. - Skills for Managing Image: Grooming & Etiquettes
  9. - Image Management

2. Career Anchors and Goal setting

  1. - Goal setting skills
  2. - Coping and Self-Management Skills

3. Critical thinking

  1. - Critical thinking skills
  2. - Decision-Making and Critical Thinking Skills
  3. - Creativity: Ideation and techniques
  4. - Identifying relevant information and information sources
  5. - Being tolerant of ambiguity around students
  6. - Understanding and appreciating new ideas
  7. - Being able to encourage a new line of thought.

4. Enhancing Learning skills

5. Communication Effectiveness.

  1. - Self -Assessment: Using MBTI/DISC/Enneagram
  2. - Verbal & Nonverbal communication
  3. - Active Listening
  4. - Expressing Feelings
  5. - giving and receiving feedback
  6. - Presentation & Public Speaking
  7. - Negotiation and Conflict Management
  8. - Assertiveness Skills
  9. - Influencing Skills & Persuasion
  10. - Networking and Motivation Skills

6. Presentation Skills with a focus in addressing Stage Fear

7. Leadership and teamwork

  1. - Learning to live together
  2. - Respecting the contribution of others
  3. - Leadership and Team leader Roles

8. Living responsibly with social media

9. Financial independence handling money and finances

Program for Educators

Alongside, Be Ahead focuses on aligning the teaching fraternity to the entailment of a continuously evolving student base. This, we aim to accomplish through a series of cohesive programs, seminars and interactive exercises.


  1. • Enhance quality of education through innovation , creativity and equip children become more analytical in approach recognize the relationship between knowledge & power .
  2. • Life Skill education to teachers educators is with an aim of improving quality of life through capacity building of children & enriching their life skills
  3. • Life Skills education is very important especially for teachers who prepare the young minds .
  4. • The Life Skill Education enable teachers to translate knowledge attitude and values for handling real life situations
  5. • Helping them decide what to do and how to do it with ease .
  6. • This is also an approach towards integrated self empowerment .
  7. • earn new ways of optimizing time to managing work pressure, multiple priorities and interruptions
  8. Consider the most appropriate Influencing style(s) to achieve positive results
  9. • Adopt learning, questioning, critical thinking methodologies to recreate the curiosity associated with learning


  1. • Life Skills training turns classroom into child friendly spaces
  2. • no barriers between teachers & students
  3. • enhance their effectiveness in classroom
  4. • turning children into independent thinkers who have capacities and competencies to learn and grow on their own terms
  5. • Catalyzing a self renewal process to make teaching fulfilling, and leading to recognition and self-actualization
  6. • Positions the Institution as a change agent to incubate future leaders


  1. Session 1

    Self Renewal, Life Long Learning and Time Management

  2. Session 2

    Inspirational Leadership, Personal Effectiveness, Influence without Authority

  3. Session 3

    Coaching and Mentoring Skills, Managing Multiple Intelligence in class, Sensitivity in handling classroom situations

  4. Session 4

    Teaching Techniques

  5. Session 5

    Principles / Steps for Preparing Lesson plan

  6. Session 6

    Impactful Communication and Articulation, Aligning themselves with the evolving needs of a technology savvy student community.

  7. Session 7

    Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

  8. Session 8

    Personal Stress Management and managing difficult situations.

    Life Skill Program in School

    Employers Prefer Skills rather than Qualification
    This is where Be ahead provides the Soft Skills including how to create a well written CV and a cover Letter, dressing well being prepared for the interview, being polite both over the phone and in person and understanding how to network effectively. Below are few verticals which Be ahead suggests for College Students in any academic stream .

    STUDENTS PACK – Technical and Management Students: Winning Skills

    CORPORATE EXPECTATIONS: Awareness about Corporate status amongst all the vertical segments, what do employers expect, basic qualities of professionals, communication skills, Interpersonal skills

    WRITING CV: Writing the CV effectively, Writing objective, CV formats, Do’s and Don’ts

    GROUP DISCUSSIONS: Theory and Practice, Techniques to be effective in group discussions, Don’ts, videos

    FACING PERSONAL INTERVIEWS – Employers psychology, Personality facets, correct answers to indirect questions, Interview attitude, questions and answers, Videos

    PROFESSIONAL ETIQUETTE: Professional discipline and sincerity, Traits of professional for fast track, Productivity

    BASIC MANAGERIAL SKILLS: Business Communication, Time and Stress Management

    COMMUNICATION SKILLS Listening Skills , Creative Writing , Fluency in English , Pronunciation & Intonation , Interpersonal Skills
    For Medical Students The Skills of effective & thoughtful Communication

    The knack of interpersonal Communication

    Non verbal & Verbal Skills

    The art of good listening and patience

    Empathy and care in effective communication

    Managing conflict Personal & Professional Persona

    Knowing Yourself

    Personality Re Engineering

    The Leadership Process Managing emotions and Team building

    3. Duration

    The timings are as per the institute convenience

    4. Methodology

    The above characteristics would be highlighted and emphasized through the following session milestones, using appropriate stimuli, including role plays, management simulations, film clips, interactive debates and case studies

    Batch Size : 25 students only

    The workshop is taken in 2 ways

    Group Workshop ( later they work on Self Improvement )

    Individual Level ( Each candidate is given Individual Attention )

    Life Skill Programs for Corporate