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Life Skills Education for Children and Adolescents in School

The education of the child shall be directed to the development of the child’s personality ,talents and mental and physical abilities to their fullest potential – the preparation of the child for responsible life in a free society in the spirit of understanding peace tolerance equality of the sexes and friendship among all peoples …
Adolescence, a vital stage of growth and development, marks the period of transition from childhood to adulthood. It is characterized by rapid physiological changes and psychosocial maturation. Adolescence is also the stage when young people extend their relationships beyond parents and family and are intensely influenced by their peers and the outside world in general.


Leadership Skills

• Decision Making ,
• Problem Solving
• Creative Thinking
• Critical Thinking
• Goal Setting
• Stress Management
• Being a team player

Effective Communication Skills

• Interpersonal relationship skills
• Identifying barrier in communication
• Improving Presentation
• Communication at different levels  
• Self awareness
• Empathy
• Speaking Skills
• Writing Skills
• Body Language , Personal Grooming

Relevance of English Grammar for Personality Development

• Listening and Speaking Skills
• Creative Writing & Presentation Skills

Grammar concepts for all classes

(Tenses,        Voice-  Active/Passive         Speech – Direct/Indirect     Subject / Verb Agreement
Prepositions, Conjunctions , Types of sentences , Sentence Structure , Punctuation, Common Errors ,
The Degree of Comparison – Adjectives , Adverbs )


(Idioms and phrases , Synonyms and Antonyms , One Word Substitute , Confusing Words ,

Techniques in Word Building ) 


( Syllable Stress, American V/S British Accent , Reading and Listening Skills , Phonetics – Consonant and Vowel Sounds , Intonation , Word Endings )

Enhancing the learning skills

( Memory Techniques , Study Techniques , Understanding there learning patterns , Mind mapping , Time Management, Importance of Notes  , Techniques to make notes , Long Term Memory , How to score High Marks )

Living responsibly with social media

( Use of Face book , Whatsapp , Instagram in positive manner )


Career Anchors and Goal setting


Career Counseling

(using Science of Dermatoglyphs ( Biometric) and Psychometric techniques)