what we offer ?

Program for Educators

Alongside, Be Ahead focuses on aligning the teaching fraternity to the entailment of a continuously evolving student base. This, we aim to accomplish through a series of cohesive programs, seminars and interactive exercises.



  1. • Enhance quality of education through innovation , creativity and equip children become more analytical in approach recognize the relationship between knowledge & power .
  2. • Life Skill education to teachers educators is with an aim of improving quality of life through capacity building of children & enriching their life skills
  3. • Life Skills education is very important especially for teachers who prepare the young minds .
  4. • The Life Skill Education enable teachers to translate knowledge attitude and values for handling real life situations
  5. • Helping them decide what to do and how to do it with ease .
  6. • This is also an approach towards integrated self empowerment .
  7. • earn new ways of optimizing time to managing work pressure, multiple priorities and interruptions
  8. Consider the most appropriate Influencing style(s) to achieve positive results
  9. • Adopt learning, questioning, critical thinking methodologies to recreate the curiosity associated with learning



  1. • Life Skills training turns classroom into child friendly spaces
  2. • no barriers between teachers & students
  3. • enhance their effectiveness in classroom
  4. • turning children into independent thinkers who have capacities and competencies to learn and grow on their own terms
  5. • Catalyzing a self renewal process to make teaching fulfilling, and leading to recognition and self-actualization
  6. • Positions the Institution as a change agent to incubate future leaders


Program Outlines

  1. Session 1

    Self Renewal, Life Long Learning and Time Management

  2. Session 2

    Inspirational Leadership, Personal Effectiveness, Influence without Authority

  3. Session 3

    Coaching and Mentoring Skills, Managing Multiple Intelligence in class, Sensitivity in handling classroom situations

  4. Session 4

    Teaching Techniques

  5. Session 5

    Principles / Steps for Preparing Lesson plan

  6. Session 6

    Impactful Communication and Articulation, Aligning themselves with the evolving needs of a technology savvy student community.

  7. Session 7

    Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

  8. Session 8

    Personal Stress Management and managing difficult situations.