what we offer ?

Life Skill Program in Colleges
Employers Prefer Skills rather than Qualification
This is where Be ahead provides the Soft Skills including how to create a well written CV and a cover Letter, dressing well being prepared for the interview, being polite both over the phone and in person and understanding how to network effectively.  Below are few verticals which
Be ahead suggests for College Students in any academic stream .

STUDENTS PACK – Technical and Management Students: Winning Skills

Corporate Expectations:    
Awareness about Corporate status amongst all the vertical segments, what do employers expect, basic qualities of professionals, communication skills, Interpersonal skills


Writing CV:
Writing the CV effectively, Writing objective, CV formats, Do’s and Don’ts

Group Discussions:
Theory and Practice, Techniques to be effective in group discussions, Don’ts, videos

Facing Personal Interviews
Employers psychology, Personality facets, correct answers to indirect questions, Interview attitude, questions and answers, Videos

Professional Etiquette:
Professional discipline and sincerity, Traits of professional for fast track, Productivity

Basic Managerial Skills:
Business Communication, Time and Stress Management

Communication Skills
Listening Skills , Creative Writing , Fluency in English ,   Pronunciation & Intonation , Interpersonal Skills


For Medical Students
• The Skills of effective & thoughtful Communication
• The knack of interpersonal Communication
• Non verbal & Verbal Skills
• The art of good listening and patience
• Empathy and care in effective communication
• Managing conflict
• Personal & Professional Persona
• Knowing Yourself
• Personality Re Engineering
• The Leadership Process
• Managing emotions and Team building


3. Duration
The timings are as per the institute convenience


4. Methodology
The above characteristics would be highlighted and emphasized through the following session milestones, using appropriate stimuli, including role plays, management simulations, film clips, interactive debates and case studies

Batch Size : 25 students only

The workshop is taken in 2 ways
Group Workshop ( later they work on Self Improvement )
Individual Level ( Each candidate is given Individual Attention )