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Life Skill Programs for Corporate

Be ahead provides corporations  with evolutionary performance improvements that bring success like none other. Our approach focuses on vastly improving the performance of organizations and their staff from the neck up by instilling character, mental tools and organizational attributes that have made  Teams thrive in the face of any adversity. You can crush your previous performance levels and improve retention with BE ahead customized training!

Our 21st Century Communication and life skills interventions empower your team to become excellent communicators

that can handle themselves effectively in any corporate situation.


Potential outcomes and benefits

• Training in corporate always creates a platform for employees to understand themselves on their potentials and help them to construct a passionate career for them.

• Life skills are set of psycho social skills that enable an individual to develop their capacities and competencies and to deal with the challenges in various situations.

• It enhances leadership, adaptability, personal productivity, people skills, ethics, accountability, personal responsibility, self-direction, building and sustaining teamwork and   managing creativity and diversity.

• It promote equal opportunity and facilitate inclusive work culture and help establishing linkage between the employees and employers for development of the organization.

• Life skills helps the employees to balance work life and personal life smoothly like by time management, goal setting, decision making etc.
• Life Skills as a tool for managing the diversity which will lead to increase in productivity of both the organization as well as the employees.
• Life Skills are a group of cognitive, personal and interpersonal abilities that help people make informed decisions, solve problems, think critically and creatively, communicate   effectively, build healthy relationships, empathize with others, and cope with and manage their lives in a healthy and productive manner.


Training Programs details for Corporate Sector

General Communication Skills

• Vocal Development and Pronunciation Programmes
• The Communication Empowerment Programme
• Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Presentation Skills Programmes
• The "WOW" Factor Workshop

Client Service

• Call Centre Communication Programme
• Successful Supervisor / Team Leader Programme
• Customer Service Communication Programme

Speciality Communication

• Mastering The Media Programme
• Successful Sales Programme
• Negotiation Skills Master Class Programme
• 21st Century Leaders Programme
• Facilitation Skills Masterclass Programme
• Corporate Life Skills In The 21st Century Programme

Business Writing Skills

• Business Writing Skills and E-mail Etiquette Programme

• Effective Report Writing Programme
• Corporate Etiquette ( Telephone / Office )

The leader in Me

• Self Management

• Team Building Programme
• Interpersonal  Communication
• Motivation & Leadership
• Emotional Intelligence
• Problem Solving
• Time Management
• Goal Setting and decision making
• Critical Thinking
• Balancing work & Family Life
• Sense of Humor
• Handling Fear & Failure