life skills ?

  • A new approach towards your child’s talents. Life skills enable individuals to translate knowledge , attitudes and values into actual abilities
  • Life Skills as a tool for managing the diversity which will lead to increase in productivity of both the organization as well as the employees.
  • Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life .

our Belief

  • Journey to Excellence : A simple and yet the most powerful approach to learning and development . Apply Skills to life situations.
  • Be ahead is about guiding you to put your dreams into action so that you can have what you want . They could be professional or personal goals.
  • Life Skill Programs in today’s era are the art to attain success and in the upcoming age it will be the driving force for everyone to succeed.

our programs

  • Our programs go beyond the usual Curriculum or textbooks.
  • Life Skill Programs for Students : Be ahead offers a 12 day program spread across the annual academic calendar.Read more...
  • Life Skill Programs for Educators : Be Ahead focuses on aligning the teaching fraternity to the entailment of a continuously evolving student baseRead more...

training methodolgy

  • Beyond classroom walls,out of the box instructions.
  • In life skill education , children are actively involved in a dynamic teaching and learning process . The methods used to facilitate this active involvement include working in small groups and pairs , brainstorming, role play ,games and debates.
  • Systematic review of the use of the life skill.

what we offer ?

About us

Welcome to our Life Skills Training programs. Be ahead has 10 years of experience to service residential schools in all aspects. In continuation to our existing services we have added another service of providing life Skill Program for educational institutes . Be ahead has a team of extremely qualified and experienced trainers each leader in his/her field . They possess a dynamic personality, maturity and wisdom to be able to inspire, motivate and train effectively. Training is customized according to the needs of our customer. Suitable trainers are assigned the role of training and guiding to attain the set objective .